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Easy Disposal 
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What happens to our packaging in the existing disposal channels?


The TÜV has tested

and confirms that Repaq material can be disposed of in the organic waste garbage can. Disposal companies unfortunately often say something else.


Disposal is regulated by the local authorities. Only the technical possibilities of the disposal companies decide on the recycling of reusable materials.

Many sorting plants cannot distinguish compostable materials from conventional plastic.

The amount of compostable materials is currently still too small to invest in new sorting plants.

Together we have to create a critical mass of compostable packaging so that an investment in new machines is worthwhile for the waste management companies!


What happens with Repaq

Our packaging films behave naturally in any disposal method. The effect is neutral to advantageous.



  • The material is 100% returned and the natural cycle is closed.

Biowaste garbage can:

  • If accepted by the disposal company, the material is 100% composted.
  • If the material is sorted out, it is incinerated or ends up in the landfill.

Recycling garbage can:

  • The packaging material is sorted out and incinerated.

Residual waste:

  • Either: It is incinerated (pollutant-free to CO2 and H2O).
  • Or: It ends up at the landfill, where it is decomposed by microorganisms.


  • It decomposes in nature and becomes a food source for organisms.

Nobody saves the world alone.

We cannot solve all challenges alone. For our mission to be successful, upstream and downstream processes must function sustainably.


The forestry industry:

An important raw material for us is cellulose, which is extracted from trees. Sustainable forestry is possible. It must be ensured that the production of cellulose does not destroy forests and that it does not compete with the area used to grow food.

The waste management:

Waste disposal involves the use of machines that automatically recognize and sort the waste. More and more packaging materials present new challenges for the sorting processes. Repaq materials can already be technically recognized and sorted by the machines today. It just has to be done.