Stand-up pouches

Repaq Doypacks meet the highest environmental standards, are plastic-free and can be composted in the home and garden

These resealable packages offer optimum product protection, also and especially for aromatic products. They prevent all harmful substances from migrating into the product and thus ensure consistent quality. Our Doypacks can be filled and closed with all conventional machines. They consist of natural raw materials that decompose within 180 days after disposal. This makes them 100% sustainable.


For quantities of 100.000 pieces and more please use our Request form for individual requests.

Repaq-Doypack-drei-front Sortiment

Avoid plastic and pack with Repaq.
Together we change the planet!

Packaging details


Possible surfaces

White pigmented


Individually printable

  • Individually printable
  • Water-based printing inks
  • Digital printing, flexo printing, gravure printing
  • 4C halftone printing or full color printing

Product protection

Repaq is advantageous

Our customers say: "Food stays fresh longer".


No independent composting

We give a 12-month warranty from the date of delivery on properly stored packaging.


Save CO2 and avoid plastic

Our packaging

  • are free from pollutants
  • compost in natural environment in <180 days
  • offer full aroma protection
  • promote sales


Individual sizes from 100.000 pieces

Standard sizes immediately in our shop

  • 500 ml
  • 750 ml
  • 1000 ml

Barrier properties

Best protection for your content

Repaq Doypacks verhindern die Migration von Schadstoffen in das Produkt und sorgen für eine konstante Produktqualität.


No arising investment costs

Repaq Doypacks prevent the migration of harmful substances into the product and ensure constant product quality.

Compostability marking

Sustainability as a sales argument

Studies show that more and more consumers attach importance to sustainable products. All Repaq Doypacks are labelled with its compostability, which gives it an advantage in the trade.

With sustainable packaging, you not only send a communicative signal to the outside world, but also come one step closer to achieving your company's sustainability goals.

Possible markings:

Repaq Kennzeichnung Sortiment-03
Repaq Kennzeichnung Sortiment-05


Repaq Doypacks include the following certificates

EN13432 Superseven Umwelt Siegel Plastic Free Superseven Umwelt Siegel DIN Garden Compost Superseven Umwelt Siegel Vincotte Compost Superseven Umwelt Siegel PEFC Superseven Umwelt Siegel Renewable Superseven Umwelt Siegel GMO Free Superseven Umwelt Siegel