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Plastic-free brewing bliss with Repaq
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Tea packaging

Variety of flavors sustainably packaged

Our material has a high aroma barrier that even retains and protects citrus aromas (heat cabinet test passed) - thus preserving the variety of flavors. Some teas are elaborately preserved in many steps - Repaq material preserves this condition permanently.

Repaq also provides barrier values that protect tea leaves from oxygen and oxidation.

Our customers confirm
Even the most delicate aromas in tea are preserved thanks to the Repaq foil!

Packaging details


  • Roll goods transparent, white, paper
  • Certified pollutant-free
  • Can be printed over the entire surface
  • Same quality, feel and look as conventional plastic packaging
  • No additional investment costs

Suitable for

Fruit tea
Fruit tea
Herbal tea
Herbal tea
Loose tea
Loose tea

Available in



  • Suitable for almost all HFFS & VFFS machines
  • MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) compatible
  • Flowpack with or without tray
  • 12 months machine stability guaranteed
  • Achieves high cycle rates
  • Roll width 100 mm to 1,000 mm
  • Naturally antistatic
  • Individually printable
  • Can be heat and ultrasonically sealed
  • Different types of closure (e.g. zipper)

Product protection

  • Very high product protection
  • No transfer of harmful substances into the product
  • TÜV-certified home and garden compostable
  • Food compliant Direct contact
  • 70-month MOSH-MOAH barrier
  • Vacuum sealable
  • Water vapor barrier from 0.4 g/m2/24h
  • Oxygen barrier from 0.05 ccm/m2/24h
  • UV and light protection possible
  • Complies with LFBG regulations and BCR hygiene standard


  • Packaging 100% biocompatible
  • Certified home and garden compostable (DIN Certco)
  • Meets the highest environmental standard worldwide
  • Decomposes independently in a natural environment within 180 days
  • Does not lead to microplastics on land or in water
  • The raw materials consist mainly of cellulose, starch and paper
  • All raw materials are certified to the highest possible standards and do not compete with the food industry
  • Repaq packaging saves CO2, prevents plastic waste and is 100% recyclable in natural recycling processes


EN 13432
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