Waste Me
Nutrient, ressource, conversation starter

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Easy Disposal 

Compost knowledge

With these facts you rock every small talk, although it is serious talk.


Longer freshness

With Repaq food stays fresh longer.

Similar to breathable functional jackets, natural packaging also provides a natural climate.

"We pack our salads and herbs in Repaq packaging. Our customers are delighted that they can simply dispose of the packaging together with the trays and other organic waste on their compost. And by the way, our fresh food stays fresh longer!

Monika Sannmann (Demeter Farmer)


Happy worms

Compost worms have grown by 20 percent through the consumption of Repaq packaging.

The TÜV tests compostable material with the use of worms. One thousand of them have to survive in it for three months, none of them may die. In the Repaq compost all worms have survived - and have even grown by 20 percent!

A win-win situation: Repaq Cellulose not only composts within 42 days, but also provides important nutrients for animals and nature.


Convince yourself

Ready for a Zero-Waste-Experiment? Plant the Repaq Seedpaq and observe how the packaging composts and disappears completely within 42 days.

This experiment only costs you the postage. The rest is on us.