There is no Planet B

When you buy a product with this label, you actively avoid plastic waste and relive the planet - because our packaging completely dissolves in compost.

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Plastic free

Repaq packs food and other products plastic-free, is 100% compostable and free of pollutants.

Our areas of expertise: cheese, dry food, bars and food supplements.

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Störer Neu

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Repaq Doypacks

Repaq Doypack with resealable ziplock and excellent aroma protection.

The sustainable packaging solution for high-quality food!


Zero Waste

Is it possible? Yes! The only way not to produce packaging waste: To make it compostable and thus let it become part of the natural cycle.

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5 in 1


Compost knowledge

With these facts you rock any small talk, although it is serious talk.

Longer lasting

In natural Repaq foil
food stays fresh longer!

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Thick worms

Compost worms have grown by 20%
after consumption of our packaging.


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Convince yourself

Ready for a Zero-Waste-Experiment? Plant the Repaq Seedpaq and observe how the packaging composts and disappears completely within 42 days.

This experiment only costs you the postage. The rest is on us.

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