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15 pieces

Seedpaq (15)

School and education package

15 Seedpacks for direct planting
1 supplementary sheet with instructions
3,50 € postage per package (DE)
4,40 € postage per package (EU, GB, CH)

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School and education package:

  • 15 seedpaqs to plant directly for you and your class.
  • 1 supplementary sheet in which everything is explained again in detail.

On the didactic supplement you will find everything you need to discuss compost, zero waste and plastic free packaging with your class.

A Zero-Waste-Experiment:

With our Seedpaq, we want to show and make it tangible that there are already alternatives to plastic packaging that dissolve completely and are returned to a natural cycle. This experiment is ideal for school classes, but also as a give-away.

We want as many people as possible to have this experience, so we give away our seed pack with cress and charge only 3,00€ for postage.

The costs:

We want to give you our seed packs because we think that everyone should know what alternatives to plastic we already have on our planet.

In order not to be surprised by the costs, we only charge the postage and packaging.

The packaging:

The packaging consists of 90% cellulose, 5% water, 4% glycerine from vegetable oils and 1% natural binder.

The printing ink is solvent-free and contains no heavy metals in the pigments.

42 Days:

On average, it takes Repaq this long to decompose under normal conditions. It takes three things to compost. Temperature, humidity and microorganisms.

We answer all other questions in our FAQ.

Join in:

Watch out for our pink sign in the supermarket in future. Help us to make as many people as possible realize what is already possible today. Share the pictures of your plant and tell the story. The more people know the sign, the more products we can pack without plastic!

#Repaq #Repaq.plasticfree

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