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Doypack 500 ml

Repaq: Home and garden compostable stand-up pouches

The sustainable packaging with the highest environmental standard worldwide.

  • optimal product protection
  • plastic-free packaging
  • TÜV-certified home and garden compostable
  • composting time 180 days
  • guaranteed pollutant-free material
  • Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 225 mm
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Stand-up pouches

Repaq Doypacks are plastic-free packaging made from compostable natural raw materials. They meet the highest environmental standards and decompose in a natural environment within 180 days.

Repaq Doypacks offer optimum product protection and can be filled and sealed on conventional machines. They prevent the migration of all harmful substances into your product and thus ensure consistently high product quality.

Thanks to product labelling, the special quality of the packaging is clearly recognisable and ensures an advantageous position in trade. Repaq creates consumer confidence and supports you in achieving sustainability goals in your company.


  • brown paper layer outside
  • cellulose and starch films
  • resealable Ziplock

All materials are certified home and garden compostable!


Please note that you also need a sustainable label to ensure the full positive qualities of your packaging. We currently recommend the following labels:

HERMAextracoat (242)/62Q/520
HERMAtherm Bio (909)/62Q/520

Quality promise:

We guarantee the Repaq quality standard through certification from recognised testing institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute and TÜV Austria. The TÜV certificate "home and garden compostable" confirms the excellent results. All Repaq packaging is suitable for direct contact with food and meets the requirements of European and North American legislation. Repaq protects products for more than 70 months against the migration of mineral oils (MOSH, MOAH). Tested and confirmed by the Health Department of the Swiss Canton of Zurich. The pulp for Repaq cellulose as well as the paper comes without exception from FSC and PEFC certified forestry.

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